Pantone and canva discuss 5 trends that help overcome fears of the outside world and restore enthusiasm during the final stretch of 2021, many countries have begun a gradual recovery to normality. This has translated into searches for objects and experiences that refer to the joy and adventure necessary to return to the rhythm of our previous prepandemic life. In this context, some colors began to appear to make the transition easier for us. Now we can see this color trend in clothing, decoration, makeup and aesthetics. And everything indicates that they will stay with us in the year 2022. The design sites canva and pantone analyzed, through reports, what these colors are and their emotional impact on us through the psychology of color.


Explore the Meaning and Use of Colors More Deeply

In which cases are these tones especially recommended photo background removing here are the 5 colors that will help us get back to normal . 5 colors that will help us get back to normal in 2022 2 the colors in the transition to normal. Unsplash. Coral feminine boldness coral has long been an exotic color. However, it was growing and displaying new shades that made it more assimilable to everyday life. Living coral , as expressed by pantone, was named the color of the year in 2019 but was far from leaving the scene in 2021. Instead, we find it expressing itself in darker hues. Now, in addition, it appears much less related to the sea and much closer to the sky. More specifically, to the sunsets that we knew how to miss so much during confinement.

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This Logic to Other Types of Layouts

Effects and uses although canva explains that this ASB Directory tone still represents too daring a bet for brands that intend to position themselves as timeless, it does turn out to be an ideal color to create refreshing accents and express a certain daring and femininity. A close variant of this shade that has also become very popular is marigold, an orange that is not as vibrant but still effective in conveying this vibrant spirit. 5 colors that will help us get back to normal in 2022 4 todays coral does not come from the sea, but from the sky. Photo unsplash. 5 colors that will help us get back to normal in 2022 5 armani model for summer 2021. Photo armani. Raspberry energetic and outgoing it is impossible not to think of a summer day when we see this intense color.

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