The 404 page is undeniably the page that you as a website owner want to show your visitors the least often. Nevertheless, some websites prove that even a 404 page can be original, funny and helpful. Why is it worth paying attention to 404 pages? New on Frankwatching This is how you use customer data as part of a first-party data strategy ma Measuring = knowing: this is how you make your brand top of mind ma 15 extremely good contact pages you should have on your own website ma.

The server is down

How frustration took us to space like this Content marketing is too complex sat You click on a link in an ad, on another website, in Google, or in a menu bar with the hope of finding a specific product or content . But what now? You’ll see a page saying that the content you’re Luxembourg Phone Number looking for no longer exists! This is the so-called 404 page: a page that informs unfortunate visitors that the original page is no longer there. For most internet users, seeing a 404 page means the end of a browsing session within that site.

The page never existed.

If that website can’t be bothered to properly set up its links and menu items, you don’t want anything to do with it anymore, right? The statistics prove it: 73.72% of all visitors leave a website after seeing a 404 page. It is therefore a top idea not to turn your 404 page into a dead end. Make your 404 page a valuable stepping stone that leads the visitor to other parts of your site. Also use the most effective means of compensation to take away the disappointment:

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