Twitter is a social media that is currently favored by many people. In addition to its easy use, at this time there are also many people who use twitter. Twitter can serve as a medium to increase sales figures in your business.

1. Media that can improve product brands
People who use twitter will definitely follow one of the business brand accounts they like according to their interests, interests and needs. No need to consider in advance whether they have made a transaction or not, they will spread the tweets they like to their followers.

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Especially the people who follow your account. In fact, many of the twitter users will definitely recommend a product brand to others.

2. Increase Brand Awareness and Increase Followers
If you pay close attention, like those Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List of you who have a Twitter account, they usually don’t hesitate to follow a business account that they find interesting, even though they have never bought a product there before. This can be one of the advantages of using twitter for business because it can be easily reach a wider target market.

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After following a business account, the tweets they like will be shared. With followers who follow them voluntarily through likes, retweets or quote retweets. In this way, your product will definitely have the opportunity to be known by many people. Especially if you use Twitter ads, which can place product or business ads on the user’s homepage, search homepage or trending hashtags on Twitter.

Twitter is an effective social media marketing
With the development of technology, it is possible that social media is often increasingly sophisticate, not only for socializing. Many people are looking for product references that they will buy through social media from various platforms. By following an account of a product brand they trust. They hope to follow the latest product information and trends from you.

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