According to the 2017 State of Cybercrime Report , cyberattacks would cost businesses $6 trillion annually by 2021. As hacking attempts become more sophisticated, online businesses need a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

Let’s take a quick look at the cost of a data breach by country.

The United States scores high, but one thing is clear: data breaches everywhere.

If you’re an online business owner, then you need a website security solution that’s easy to implement, provides adequate instant protection with block mode rules, and takes the hassle out of ongoing administration and updates.

There are many cloud-based solutions for that, but in this article I will focus on AppTrana by Indusface .

AppTrana is a fully managed, (Software as a Service) web applications.


solution for protecting your

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online companies including Reliance Insurance, National Stock Exchange, HDFC Life, Tata Motors, etc.

It is a set of security solutions that cover the following.

Application Vulnerability Scanner
Scanning is the first step in running a secure business.

Gartner estimated that more than 70% of breaches happen at the application layer. Hackers are more motivated to target applications to bring down critical business processes.

It is critical that you find all kinds of vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. With AppTrana, you get a combination of automatic and manual scanning to check for common security issues, including SQLi, XSS, CSRF, and more.

It is capable of performing automated scanning and manual penetration testing to identify application risks.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)
The biggest barrier to proper use of WAF is that it requires skills to maintain and update, which is time consuming on an ongoing basis. As a business owner, you would prefer to focus on your product and your sales.

General WAF usually comes with standard rules out of the box without understanding the specific needs of the application. The dangers of such approaches are:

Little understanding of the application context, so application-specific vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit are left unprotected.
As the saying goes,

it comes to dynamic/JavaScript-heavy sites


Gaps in business logic vulnerabilities can only be found through penetration testing. The results imported from these scanners are initially inadequate and, in most cases, most WAF modules do not accurately carry out protection against such important risks.
Out-of-the-box rules are reasonable in an China Phone Number ideal scenario. However, real-world applications are far from perfect, leading to many false positives and false negatives, rendering the solution ineffective.
Proper WAF implementation requires fine-tuning the standard rules to meet the specific needs of the application, but unfortunately, this requires a lot of experience and time.
AppTrana WAF addresses the issue to take the hassle out of configuring and managing application security for the customer. It is capable of learning the traffic information application to provide exceptional protection.

Risks are mitigated by virtual WAF patching, which means no application restart is required. You have the following options.

Advanced Rules – Rules written by security experts and come with a zero false positive guarantee.
Premium Rules – Complex rules for enhanced protection that may result in some FP based on the design and behavior of individual applications. These are applied in registration mode, being monitored and adjusted to ensure Zero FP for an application before being placed in block mode.

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